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Quinn Bachand’s Brishen

A devoted Django fan and lover of Gypsy Jazz,  Quinn has assembled a top-notch ensemble of jazz manouche players to form Brishen, a sizzling hot gypsy jazz and swing band.

Ever the bold musical voyageur, Quinn also invested his love of gypsy jazz with the 2013 release of his band and same-named debut CD, Brishen. Belying his tender years, Quinn’s seasoned expertise has already earned him the 2014 Saga Djangofest Award, a nomination for Instrumental Album of the Year at the Western Canada Music Awards, a finalist position as Emerging Artist by Canada’s Walk of Fame, and an unprecedented 5 nominations at the 2014 Canadian Folk Music Awards.

Brishen, Romany for “bringer of the storm”, is what Quinn and his band serve up with their original western and euro-gypsy swing homage. They introduce a space where virtuosity meets vibe, leaving you with a sense of jubilance and nostalgia.   With understated mastery and intuition, the group dedicates itself to musicality and the root of trad jazz and swing with the goal of bridging the gap between early Western and Euro Swing.  Quinn Bachand’s fascination, respect and commitment to tradition is clearly audible, setting him apart from the rest with an effect that is awe-inspiring.  It’s clear that their repertoire of original gypsy jazz, free-spirited bop, Western swing and klezmer moves these players to heights not otherwise realized in any other single musical genre.